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Key cutting High Wycombe is the most basic practice that locksmiths at Elite Local Locksmith High Wycombe (ELLHW). Though this is not the only service we offer, it’s involved in all the other services that we offer including residential locksmith, commercial locksmith and auto locksmith. In any operation where there is installation of new locks, key cutting is involved.

At Locksmith High Wycombe, our locksmiths help you to play a very essential role in the security of your home and getting the peace of mind you need to stay in the house. We come in handy whenever you need new pair of keys that you can give to other family members or just copies to use in case the original keys gets lost or damaged.

At Locksmith High Wycombe, our locksmiths are experts at cutting all types of keys for a home, school, business, office etc.
Apart from the physical work that we offer our clients on various services, we also give advice to businesses and individuals on how they should set up their locking systems. Our key cutting service for businesses also involves setting up of a master key system. A master key is one that can open several locks. This is a system that allows you as a boss of your business to have a key that can open all the sections in your business while the section heads retain the keys that can only open their sections. This is a great way to secure your business.

There are other scenarios where you may need to cut new keys. One of them is when you lose the keys to a vehicle or house. This is a very common incident because keys are small devices that can be easily misplaced. In such a situation you don’t have to panic about where your kids are going to stay before you break down the door, if you can that is. If you can’t break down the door, then that will be a tricky situation. However, you don’t have to consider all these options if you can get the number of our customer care representative which can be found on our website or from the local telephone directory.

Key cutting does not just apply when there is an emergency, you may just have a need to duplicate your existing keys so that you have a spare in case the original one gets lost. Our locksmiths can also duplicate all types of keys.

The primary operation involved in key duplication is key cutting. There are different methods of key duplication. One method is automatic while the other is manual. The former is faster while the latter produces better looking edges and high quality keys and is preferable for keys to sensitive locations like bank and safe vaults.

At Locksmith High Wycombe, our customer care team works 24/7 and if you have a problem and are in need of new keys, you just have to call us and tell us the type you want and we will create a duplicate key or keys in no time. Our locksmiths are well trained and can handle all types of keys.

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